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Organizer: Department of Statistics, Shiraz University.

Head of Organizing Committee: Dr. M. Kharrati-Kopaei📧

Head of Scientific Committee: Dr. A.R. Nematollahi📧


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Workshop Instructions: The presentations will be live (online) via the Abode Connect application desktop. The link for meeting is A visual quick start guide for participants is available here. For virtual meeting and presentation, you first should install the Adobe Connect application. Copy the link address in your browser and then select “Guest” tab. Type your name (in English) and click on “Enter room”. Select “Open in Application” and wait till the hosts to allow you to enter the room.


Videos and pdf Files of the Presentations (click here to have access to  videos and pdf files folder)


For individual presentations click on the links given below:


Day 1: 15 Feb., 2022

A.R. Soltani, Oppening (video: 🎞)   

G. Samorodnitsky, A new shape of extremal clusters for certain stationary semiexponential processes with moderate long range dependence (video: 🎞  ,  pdf: 🗒)

J. Nolan, Compressive sensing in impulsive environments (video: 🎞  ,  pdf: 🗒)

B. Zangeneh, Glancing upon Stochastic Analysis (video: 🎞  ,  pdf: 🗒)

E. Salavati, Simulation of Tempered Stable Distributions (video: 🎞  ,  pdf: 🗒)

K. Khorshidian, MRL in Semi-Markovian Reliability Systems (video: 🎞   ,  pdf: 🗒)


Day 2: 16 Feb., 2022

A.R. Soltani, Modeling Covid-19 Data (video: 🎞  ,  pdf: 🗒)

Y. Xiao, Local limit theorem for linear random fields (video: 🎞  ,  pdf: 🗒)

L. Gawarecki, Memorial of the late professor Mandrekar: Life and achievements of professor V. Mandrekar (video: 🎞  ,  pdf: 🗒)

A. Mohammadpour, رگرسیون دم بریده برای داده های دم کلفت (video: 🎞  ,  pdf: 🗒)

F. Nasirzadeh, Moment properties of spatial log Gaussian Cox processes (video: 🎞  ,  pdf: 🗒)

K. Foroghi, Comparison of Portmanteau Tests for INAR(1) model with Binomial thininng operator (video: 🎞  ,  pdf: 🗒)


Day 3: 17 Feb., 2022

M. Zarepour, Review of some asymptotic theory for unit root problem (video: 🎞  ,  pdf: 🗒)

V. Fakoor, A review on the strong Gaussian approximation of empirical processes and its applications (video: 🎞  ,  pdf: 🗒)

K. Khorshidian, Semi-Markov Modeling of Standby Systems with N Components and N Redundant Units (video: 🎞  ,  pdf: 🗒)

Z. Shishebor, معرفی چند آزمون برای وجود روند در داده های تابعی وابسته به زمان (video: 🎞  ,  pdf: 🗒)

A.R. Nematollahi, Generalized Autoregressive Models (video: 🎞  ,  pdf: 🗒)

A.R. Soltani, Closing (video: 🎞)

  • Date of workshop: Febrary 15-17, 2022 (26-28 Bahman, 1400)
  • Registration: Febrary 4, 2022 (15 Bahman, 1400)
  • Deadline for full text / abstract of talks: Febrary 11, (22 Bahman, 1400)
  • M. Kharrati-Kopaei
  • T. Manuchehri
  • H. A. Mardani-Fard
  • B. Mirzaei
  • M. Sharafi
  • S. Zarezadeh
  • K. Alishahi, Sharif University of Technology
  • K. Khorshidian, Shiraz University
  • A.R. Nematollahi, Shiraz University
  • J. Nolan, American University
  • A. Parvardeh, Isfahan University
  • Z. Sajjadnia, Shiraz University
  • Z. Shishebor, Shiraz University
  • A.R. Soltani, Kuwait University
  • Y. Xiao, Michigan State University
  • B. Zangeneh, Sharif University of Technology
  • M. Zarepour, Ottawa University
Dr. Mahmood Kharrati-Kopaei
Department of Statistics
Shiraz University
Shiraz, Iran
Tel: (+98) 36137423
Due to the corona pandemic, the workshop is online. Workshop is devoted to recent developments in stochastic processes. Speakers are encouraged to schedule their presentations in one or two 45-minutes lectures. Contributed papers by default are presented in the poster form; however, an oral presentation can be arranged. The primary goal is to focus on the applications of stochastic processes. Researchers in applied fields are invited to participate. For more information contact the head of organizing committee.

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23rd Workshop on Applied Stochastic Processes
Feb. 15-17, 2022 (26-28 Bahman, 1400), Shiraz University, Shiraz, IRAN.

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