Fifth Workshop
School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer
College of Science,
University of Tehran

Dr. H. Pezeshk
School of  Mathematics, Statistics and Computer
University of Tehran,
Tehran  14155-6455,   Iran.
Tel: (+98) :  21 6641 2178   

Head of Organizing Committee:

Dr.  H.   Pezeshk

The Fifth Workshop:             
November 25-26 2009  University of Tehran,
Tehran, Iran


Registration is through Dr. H. Pezeshk, and also through the
Head Researchers. Visit
Research Teams and contact the
appropriate Head Researcher for Registration and further
information, or contact
H. Pezeshk.

Primary Program of The Fifth Workshop:

Wednesday 4 Aban (25 November):
8:30am to 10:00am           Professor Soltani (and his
team)                                     Kuwait  University  
A Class of  Discrete Distributions Induced by Stable Laws
                                         Dr Parvardeh
                                          University of Isfahan
Generalized Periodically Correlated Processes

10:00am to 10:30              Break

10:30am to 12:00am        Dr Rezakhah and his
team                                      Amir Kabir University of Technology
    Heterosedastic and Self Similar Processes

14:00pm to 16:00pm         Dr Alishahi (and his
team)                                University of  Sharif    
                                        To be announced

Thursday 5 Aban (26 November):   
8:30am to 10:00am         Dr Pezeshk (and his
team)-                                             University of Tehran
A Segmental Semi Markov Model for Protein             
Secondary Structure Prediction

                                        Dr Changiz Eslahchi
-                                            University of Shahid Beheshti
A Probabilistic Model for the Spread of HIV
Infection among Injection Drug Users

10:00am to 10:30              Break

10:30am to 12:00am        Dr Shishehbor (and her team)-
                                           University of Shiraz
1. Weak Second Order Stationary Processes
2. Infinite Dimensional Garch Models

12:00am to 14:00pm              Lunch

14:00pm to 16:00pm          Key note talk by Professor Soltani
                                             at IPM (Niavaran)         
 Spectral Analysis of Stochastic Processes