The 21th Applied Stochastic Processes Workshop:  
November 19-21 2019 (28-30 Aban, 1398)
Alzahra University,     International Conference Hall
Tehran, Iran
Faculty of Mathematical Sciences
Alzahra University

Head of Organizing Committee
Dr. Y. Maleki
Organizing Committee
Dr. Y. Maleki
Ms. M. Malekpour
Scientific Committee
Prof. B. Zangeneh, Sharif University of Technology
Prof. A. R. Soltani, Kuwait University
Prof. A.R. Nematollahi, Shiraz University
Prof. H. Pezeshk, University of Tehran
Dr. Z. Shishebor, Shiraz University
Dr. A. Parvardeh, Isfahan University
Dr. K. Alishahi, Sharif University of Technology
Dr. Erfan Salavati, Amirkabir University of Technology
R. Alimohammadi, Alzahra University

Dr. Yasaman Maleki
Department of Statistics
Faculty of Mathematical Science
Alzahra University
Tehran, Iran
Tel: (+98) 85692091
Program Outline
This is an open invitation for invited speakers that would like
to bring interesting and promising research topics to the
Workshop is mostly for speakers that present recent
developments in relevant applied research areas in two 1-hour
Contributed Papers are presented in the poster form, with oral
presentation confirmation.
The primary goal is to focus on the applications of Stochastic
Processes in the following four topics.
Mathematics, Stochastic Processes, Probability and their
applications in Science.
Candidates are urged to contact the Organizing Committee
through the contact information or the head researchers at:
Please click on the link below and download
the corresponding file.
Please fill the registration form and send it by email
either to the contact address or to one of the Head Researches at:
Registration Form
Invited Speakers: To be Announced                                   
Invited Sessions:
1- Poisson Processes and Actuaries  [A R Soltani]