The 17th  Workshop:   Nov 1 - 3  2016
Department of   Mathematical Science,
Isfahan University of Technology
Department of Mathematical Sciences, Isfahan University of

Head of Organizing Committee:
Dr. Safiah Mahmoodi

Organizing Committee:
Prof. B. Zangeneh, Sharif University of Technology
Dr. A. Parvardeh, Isfahan University
Prof. A.R. Soltani, Kuwait University
Prof.  H. Pezeshk, University of Tehran
Dr. K. Alishahi, Sharif University of Technology

Program Outline:
-Contributed Papers are presented in the Poster
form, with Oral Presentation Confirmation.

-Workshop mostly for speakers that present
recent development in certain research areas.

-The primary plan is to have four topics.

- This is an open invitation for invited speakers
that would like to bring to the audience
interesting and promising research topics.

- Candidates are urged to contact the Organizing
Committee through the contact information.
Open the file given in the link below and
apply either through a head researcher or
the organizer
Registration Form
Dr. S. Mahmoodi
Department of Mathematical Science,
Isfahan University of Technology,
Isfahan 8415683111,   Iran.
Tel: (+98) :  313-391 3609   
Invited Speakers:

1-Rahul Roy, Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi
2-John Nolan, American University
3- دکتر احمدرضا سلطانی
4- دکتر بیژن ظهوری زنگنه
5- دکتر کسری علیشاهی
6- دکتر میرامید حاجی میرصادقی
7-دکتر فرزانه صفوی منش